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Are you one of the few who are ready to select and join an exclusive group of like-minded executives, managers and professionals who truly want to integrate and take their careers and lives to more meaningful, successful and fulfilled levels? Then register for a free introductory ‘real-time’ group coaching meeting through our free teleconference opportunities.

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These free forty-five minute confidential ‘real-time’ group coaching teleconferences are available to executives, managers and professionals in the industries and leadership levels shown below. If you have a strong interest in being a member of a similar exclusive coaching group in your industry that is not listed below, let’s discuss your needs and co-create the opportunity.

Register for a free introductory ‘real-time’
group coaching meeting through one of our
free teleconference opportunities.
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These exclusive coaching groups are focused on:

  • Co-creating highly relevant real-time group coaching agendas important to you
  • Accelerating achievement of what you really want with affordability
  • Collaborating with a powerful group of like-minded leaders and professionals
  • Collectively establishing and quickly advancing your own agenda
  • Being truly listened to, heard, acknowledged and championed
  • Creating and sustaining your professional and personal aspirations
  • Creating an oasis of sanity and opportunity for yourself twice each month
  • Sharing valuable insights, experiences, wisdom and key resources with others
  • Being fully support by globally experienced master group coach/facilitators

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